Research Overview

The Problem


[Adverse Drug Event background]

We know that many adverse drug events could be prevented. In particular, research suggests 33% of preventable adverse drug events are repeat events – when a patient has an adverse drug event that is the same as one they previously suffered, caused by the same drug(s).

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The Project


[current research]

We’re building an electronic application to:


[1] Improve adverse drug event documentation and reporting in daily healthcare practice, and;


[2] Use the resulting adverse drug event information to generate timely patient- and medication-specific alerts about previous adverse drug events

Learn more: How the application works

The Process


[research approach]

We believe drawing on diverse expertise is key to preventing adverse drug events. 

Our research programme blends qualitative approaches, such as ethnography, participatory design workshops, and integrated knowledge translation, with more conventional research designs, such as systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials.





Learn more: methods & past projects

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    1. Hi Susan,
      We hope to extend our research to other populations in the future, but have not been able to yet. Hopefully, as the program moves forward we will be able to adapt our intervention to residential care.

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